Why New Era Solar Energy

Professional and Expert Solar Energy Company

New Era Solar Energy was established to meet the growing demand for solar installation system. Since then we’ve been doing all that is possible to bring you professional solar service and expert solar advice on top of quality solar installation services. We believe we can offer a truly customer orientated approach by listening to your requirements and developing a customized solution specifically tailored to your needs. By choosing New Era Solar Energy, you can rest assured that we will deliver what we promised or make things right!

Our Mission

New era solar energy vision is to help people produce solar power while saving money. Our solar panel installation services can help you add solar panels to your home and benefit from solar energy without paying high prices for solar panels. We offer a full service, from solar panel installation to final testing and even offer roofing services if needed.

Our Vision

We do solar energy installations and teach people how solar power is beneficial to the environment. Our solar panels for homes are cost effective and is an efficient ways of saving money on energy bills, as well as reducing your carbon impact.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us to discover how much you can save by switching to solar.

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