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Get the energy savings by installing solar panels in your home.  Take advantage of the Florida tax credits, finance for your system and enjoy a lower energy bill!

We are the #1 Solar Energy Provider in Florida!

We have partenerd with Palmetto to provide the best solar panel installation service.  Currently serving the sates Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Rhode Island, Nevada, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Vermont, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, Connecticut, North Carolina, Virginia, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Installations are backed by a dedicated team of solar specialist, designers, engineers and North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).



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Cost & Savings of Solar

Solar is the best way to reduce your energy bill and at the same time minimize the carbon footprint.  Switch to solar with as little as no money down and start saving right away.


How Solar Energy Works

The energy from the sun is free and ready to be used, we only need to transform it.  Thats when solar panels come into play.


Our Solar Installation Process

Our Company redefines your relationship with energy.  Get to know our process from start to final installation.  Take control of your power costs today!

Why Go Solar

Harvest the Power of the Sun with New Era Solar Energy

Save Money

Tired of the high utility bills? Going solar is an investment that will be paid by itself. You can go solar for as little as no money down and start saving right away.

Energy Independent

Get the peace of mind that going solar will bring to you. Free yourself from the arbitrary rate increases and be independent from the utility company. You can even sell the extra power your system creates.

Live Comfortable

Enjoy your home without the hassle of thinking how much the utility bill will be. From a cool home in the summer and a heated pool during winter hassle free!

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Residential Installation
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Years Collective Experience
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Average Savings per Installation
It did take some time to have the system up and running, but after the whole process was done everything has been running smoothly. I have a small house, so I was amazed at the amount of energy it generated. Besides the most welcome financial advantage, doing something for the environment is an added reward. I highly recommend this company.
Maria Rivera-Carvalho
It was a quick process, from interests to installation. I was always informed and every question was encouraged and answered. I'm satisfied with the finished results and it seemed no different that regular electricity. Which I started sooner.
Troy Saha
Everyone was so helpful. I was kept informed through the process. I love my solar. Doing my part for a better world.
Phillis Rohlettermays

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