10 Myths about Solar Panels Debunked

Solar Panels Myth and Facts

Solar panels are a great way for homeowners to reduce their environmental footprint. With the cost of solar panels decreasing, there’s never been a better time to switch! In this blog post, we’re going to debunk some myths about solar panels that might turn you off from making the change.

Myth 1: Solar Panels Aren’t Worth It 

Not true! While it is possible your home may not be an ideal candidate for solar panel installation, studies have shown that many homes can save up to $1,000 per year on energy costs with these systems installed. And with the cost of solar systems today, it’s way more affordable to get them installed, than ever before.

Myth 2: Solar Panels Are Too Unsightly To Add To My Home

As technology advances, so do solar panel styles. Today, solar panels have a sleek design that will blend seamlessly into your home.

Myth 3: I Don’t Have The Space For A Solar Panel System

There are many more options for solar panels today than there have been in the past. For instance, solar shingles are just as efficient as a standard panel install and can blend into your home’s design. Customers also have the option of adding panels on their roofs or on ground mounts for larger energy production.

Myth 4: Solar Panels Are Only For New Homes

This is simply untrue! These days, even homes that already have an electricity system in place can be retrofitted with solar panels and can help you save money on your energy bills.

Myth 5: The Installation Process Is Too Difficult And Expensive 

Sure there are some logistics to consider when installing a solar panel system, however, companies are finding new ways to make the process easier for homeowners. New Era Solar Energy, for example, offers a free consultation, where they come to you and walk you through the entire process.

Myth 6: Solar Panels Will Break And Need To Be Replaced Often

This is not the case. The average lifespan of a solar panel system is around 30 years if properly cared for.

Myth 7: Solar Panels Are Made Of Glass And Will Crack Often

This is not the case! While the glass was used in early versions of these systems, now they are created using polymers and metals.

Myth 8: Solar Panels Will Lower My Home’s Value

Studies show that adding a solar panel system will increase the value of your home by $5,000 for every kilowatt of solar installed.

Myth 9: Solar Panels Aren’t Safe To Have Around Children And Pets

While you should always make sure your children and pets stay away from solar panels, the materials used today are non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Myth 10: The Investment Is Too High And The Payback Is Long

While it can be a high initial investment to install solar panels, there are many ways to offset the cost. For example, many states have tax incentives for homeowners who switch to solar. Additionally, some companies will allow homeowners to sign up for solar panel installment plans that let them pay over time.

We’ve debunked 10 myths about solar panels so you can see the benefits of going solar. The cost is now lower than ever which makes now the perfect time for a home or business owner to go solar! If you want more information on how it works, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We offer free consultations that will give you all the facts before making your decision – no obligation required!

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